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MB Plant & Civils uses Funke Fabekun Junctions to connect to Anglian Water storm sewer

Matt Body of MB Plant & Civils was looking for solution to creating lateral connections to an Anglian Water storm sewer which was suitably sized to receive saddle connections.

Matt searched the internet and found that the Funke Fabekun Junction offered a potential solution, and was impressed by the potential time and cost savings they could offer. After discussions with Funke and MJ Abbott, Matt was delighted to discover that they were approved for use by Anglian Water.

Following the instructions supplied by Funke, Matt found that the installation was quick and easy: core drill a hole the correct size, fit the Fabekun Junction following the instructions, and seal using the supplied resin and allow to cure. The result is a secure lateral connection with a smooth internal finish on the main pipe, and a DN/OD 160 or DN/OD 200 socket, adjustable within a range from 0° to 13°, for the easy connection of the lateral pipe.

Matt was delighted with the professional finish of the overall connection and is looking forward to using the Fabekun Junction on future projects, as well as other products from Funke’s portfolio.

The Fabekun Junction is available direct from MJ Abbott or a range of merchants throughout the UK. Please call us on 01722 717 708 for details.


Core drilling second hole in the main pipe

Fabekun Junction installed, ready to receive lateral pipe

Internal view of installed Fabekun Junction