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Flexible Couplings

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VPC Pipe Coupling

The Funke VPC® Pipe Coupling allows pipes of the same nominal diameters (from 100mm to 1070mm), but made of different materials, to be connected to one another safely, reliably, and with the best possible results, despite having different outer diameters.

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VPC Pipe Coupling XXL

The Funke VPC® Pipe Coupling XXL (for nominal diameters from 1000mm to 2800mm) allows pipes of the same nominal diameter but made of different materials to be joined to one another seamlessly and reliably, even if there is a significant difference in outside diameters.

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BI Adapter

The Funke BI-Adapter® is a system for connecting pipes from DN 150 to DN 1000 which are circular on the inside, but have a non-circular outer geometry such as a base or a reinforcement crown, or where excavation to expose the outer surface of the pipe is risky or difficult.

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BSM Adapter

The Funke BSM-Adapter®, available in diameters DN 250 to DN 500, is a system to enable connection of uPVC drainage and sewer pipes to concrete pipe sockets, clay pipe sockets and concrete chamber sockets.

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Repair Junction / Repair Pipe

Repair Junctions and Repair Pipes, available in nominal diameters DN/ID 200 to DN/ID 500, can be used to repair damaged clay and concrete sewers and to allow the connection of lateral drainage pipelines into existing systems.