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HS Demarcation / Control Chamber DN/OD 200

Check the condition of lateral sewer connections

The HS® Demarcation / Control Chamber DN/OD 200 allows quick and easy access to the drainage / sewer system in the public and private sector – even without entering the premises – so that inspections, pressure testing, leak checks and unblocking can be carried out. The HS® Demarcation Control Chambers are delivered in a user-friendly, easy-to-install set. The cast-iron cover (class D 400) is fitted with a bolt lock and can be labelled using colour-coded plastic plugs: blue for rainwater, brown for waste water / foul water. Use of the supplied telescopic pipe with odour-seal screw cap prevents the load exerted on the cover from being transferred to the junction. The K 90 junction’s dual 45° incline (600 mm radius) allows sewer CCTV inspections to be carried out. The HS® Demarcation / Control Chamber can also be used in place of conventional junctions to correct the direction of flow in private property areas. Here too, monitoring and inspection can be carried out at any time.

Variety of designs

The  HS® Demarcation / Control Chamber is available in different versions: class D 400 or B125 in DN/OD 160 or 200. The lower junctions (base units) are available as K90 straight junctions, K90 left junctions or K90 right junctions. The set is available in brown for waste water / foul water or blue for rainwater. The HS® 200 cast-iron cover comes with a child lock and colour coding for foul water or rainwater.

The advantages in practice:

  • No access to property required
  • Easy access
  • Camera inspection and jetting possible in both directions
  • Available with class B 125 or D 400 cast-iron cover
  • Riser pipe can be cut to required length (use DN/OD 200 mm HS® Pipe)

Technical Data

Product name: HS® Demarcation / Control Chamber
Nominal diameters: DN/OD 160 – 200
SN-Class: ≥12 kN/m² according to ISO 9969
Sealing system: FE®-sealing (firmly inserted)
  • RAL 8011 (brown)
  • RAL 5015 (blue)
Material: PVC-U (unplasticized)
Installation guideline: EN 1610 / in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
Area of use: Inspection chamber, allows access to:

  • Lateral Drainage Pipelines
  • Foul Sewer Pipelines
  • Combined Sewer Pipelines
  • Storm Sewer Pipelines
Installation depth: 0.8 m – 3.0 m
Special characteristics:
  • K 90 junction allows CCTV inspection and jetting in both directions
  • Colour-coded cast-iron cover (blue or brown)
  • Cast-iron covers available in load classes B 125 and D 400
  • Telescopic cast-iron cover for more flexibility
  • Resistance range: pH 2–12
  • Recyclable thanks to material purity




HS Demarcation / Control Chamber Brochure

Installation Instructions for HS Demarcation Control Chamber

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