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Sedimentation Chamber

Decentralised, efficient, sustainable removal of settling, suspended and floating matter from rain water

The Funke Sedimentation Chamber is manufactured monolithically from a Funke DN 1000 profile pipe. The chamber’s main components include a tangential inlet, a vertical spiral lamella structure, a flow separator, as well as a baffle placed over the outlet.

Using the Funke Sedimentation Chamber, the majority of the filterable substances (FAS) contained in storm water runoff flows can be retained. The chamber’s efficiency is unaffected by the size of the catchment area; at A = 3,000 m², for example, it is approx. 70%. After the storm water runoff has passed through the sedimentation chamber, it can be drained into surface water bodies (rivers, lakes etc.; in accordance with the German DWA-A 102 guideline).

Catchment area up to 3,000 m²

The Funke Sedimentation Chamber is suitable for a catchment area of up to 3,000 m². Including its cover slab, the system has a total height of 3.2 m. The height offset between inlet and outlet is approx. 0.8 m; the outlet depth is at approx. 1.5 m. Very little maintenance is needed for the sedimentation chamber: Typically the sludge trap needs to be emptied once per year.

The advantages in practice:

  • Minimal space requirements
  • Excellent treatment performance (efficiency approx. 70%)
  • Catchment area up to 3,000 m²
  • Low-maintenance


Technical Data

Product name: Funke Sedimentation Chamber
Nominal diameter connection: DN/OD 250
Colour: Grey / blue
Installation guideline: DIN EN 1610, DWA-A 139
Total height: Approx. 3.0 m plus  concrete cover plate and chamber cover
Height offset inlet/outlet: Approx. 0.8 m (distance top edge – spiral lamella to inlet level of outlet pipe)
Inlet depths: Minimum 0.8 m
Nominal diameter: DN 1000
Material: uPVC
Area of use: Treatment of polluted storm water runoff before this is released to surface water bodies.
Functional principle: Retention of FAS (filterable substances) through improved sedimentation and of floating matter (petroleum hydrocarbons) through a baffle placed over the outlet.
Scope of delivery: Chamber element, inlet socket
  • Concrete cover slab DN 1000/625  for the combination with a standard cover slab DN 625 (Germany) – (not included in the delivery)
  • Lifting belt for chamber installation
  • Levelling tool for professional installation of the concrete cover slab
Catchment area: Up to 3.000 m²
Efficiency factor (filterable substances): ≥ 70%, tested according to the DIBt’s (German Institute for Building Technology) approval guidelines


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Funke Sedimentation Chamber Brochure

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