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Plastic Chamber DN 1000

Light, versatile, future-proof

The Funke Plastic Chamber DN 1000 consists of a profile pipe with a chamber base that facilitates a range of different channel designs. By default, the chamber is fitted with a through channel with nominal diameters of DN/OD 160, 200, 315, 400 or 500 (630). Vario sockets or spigot ends ensure flexible connection options for all inlets and outlets. Further channel designs can be made to order, as can the design and position of angles and in-/outlets, as well as the dimensions of the chamber pipe; this can be manufactured monolithically up to a specified construction height.

One chamber – many options

The pipe interior is smooth, and if the chamber is professionally compacted, the profiled exterior counteracts any uplift of the riser pipe. If required, the riser pipe can be factory-fitted with a suitable stainless-steel ladder (V2A, 1.4301, Hailo System). Additional connections to the riser pipe can be added anytime and anywhere using uniTec DN/OD 160 junctions. Where needed, these can also be combined with an internal backdrop (Funke ILA), which facilitates easy inspection and cleaning. Thanks to the compact design, the chamber still remains fully accessible (national regulations apply).

The advantages in practice:

  • Robust, sturdy and long-lasting
  • Flexible connection options
  • Can be shortened in 10 cm segments
  • Lightweight design
  • Withstands high-pressure jetting
  • Highly resistant to chemicals thanks to PVC-U
  • Easy inspection and maintenance

Technical Data

Product name: Funke Plastic Chamber DN 1000
  • Chamber base made out of uPVC and
  • Chamber cone and cover made out of concrete (optionally with PUR lining)
Colour: Grey
Nominal diameter connection: From DN/OD 160 to DN/OD 500 (630)
Installation guideline: According to the manufacturer’s instructions
Area of use:
  • Private drainage
  • Foul sewer pipelines
  • Combined sewer pipelines
  • Storm sewer pipelines
  • Traffic route construction
  • Pump chamber
Installation depth: Max. 5.0 m pipe invert
Approval/Standard: Riser pipe according to DIN EN 13476
Scope of delivery:
  • PVC-U Chamber Pipe, length: up to 5 m
  • Concrete cone or cover plate (optional)
  • Lid to cap the chamber pipe during construction
  • Lift loops on cone or cover slab (optional)
  • Stainless-steel ladder (optional)
  • Access aid for installation with chamber cone or cover slab (optional)
Special characteristics:
  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Wide range of variants featuring angles and lateral inlets
  • Range of slope angles
  • Channel can have discontinuous nominal widths and heights
  • Installation depths of up to 5.0 m
  • The chamber pipe can be shortened on-site (interval: 10 cm)
  • Lateral connections to chamber pipe possible with uniTec Sewer Connection
  • Cover plate optionally for 625 mm or 800 mm covers available
  • Channel direction modifiable every 5°
  • Lid to cap the chamber pipe during construction
  • Special installation rope for secure laying of the chamber/riser pipe




Plastic Chamber Questionnaire

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