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HS Control Chamber DN/OD 800

Easy installation for inspection and jetting

The Funke HS® Control Chamber DN/OD 800 Type 1 is flexible in height due to the 500 mm telescopic pipe and is equipped with a sealing telescope collar. The internal diameter of approximately 750 mm enables the control, jetting and execution of all required works. The HS® Control Chamber can be used in load classes up to D 400. In areas with heavy load traffic, a concrete load distribution ring is required below the BEGU cover. HS® pipes DN/OD 160 to 400 – optionally larger – can be connected to the chamber base. The smooth surface and a gradient of 1 % ensure residue-free drainage.

Type 1

In the Type 1 version, the HS® Control Chamber consists of a chamber base (without socket) and the grey telescopic pipe incl. the telescopic collar (800/710 mm) to accommodate a commercially available cover LW = 600 mm (inside width).

Type 2

The HS® Control Chamber Type 2 consists of a chamber base with a single socket and the grey telescopic pipe incl. the telescopic collar (800/710 mm) to accommodate a commercially available cover LW = 600 mm (inside width). Depending on the desired installation depth, the respective riser pipe must also be ordered in the appropriate length.

The advantages in practice:

  • Telescopic pipe for flexible heights
  • Smooth surface and the slope of 1% assures the residue-free drainage
  • Available in load classes from A to D400

Technical Data

Product name: HS® Control Chamber DN/OD 800
Nominal diameters: DN/OD 800
Nominal lateral connection: From DN/OD 160 to DN/OD 400 (500)
Channel design:

Depending on the nominal diameters there are various channel shapes available:

  • Straight channel
  • Right, middle, left
  • With a lateral inlet positioned left or right
  • Adjustable up to 30°
Type of pipe:
  • HS® Underground Drainage Pipe System
  • Connex-Sewer Pipe System
  • All types of pipes with the diameters according to EN 1401
Sealing system: FE-seal (firmly inserted)
Colour: RAL 8011 (brown)
Material: PVC-U (unplasticized)
Approval/Standard: EN 475
Installation guideline: EN 1610 / according to the manufacturer’s instructions
Area of use:
  • Foul sewer pipelines
  • Combined sewer pipelines
  • Storm sewer pipelines
  • Traffic route construction
  • Drainage and lateral drainage
  • Private drainage
Installation depth:

Type 1: approx. 0.80 m 1.30 m

Type 2: approx. 1.30 m 3.00 m*

*with the appropriate riser pipe length

Special characteristics:
  • Trafficable with Load Distribution Ring up to class D400
  • Flexible thanks to the telescopic cast iron cover
  • Resistance range: pH 2-12
  • Recyclable thanks to material purity
  • DN/OD 160-200 with an adjustable socket thanks to the HS® VARIO coupler (0° – 11°)
  • No risk of leaks due to the monolithic construction


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HS Control Chamber DN/OD 800 Project Questionnaire

HS Control Chamber DN/OD 800 Installation Instructions

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