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HS Control Chamber DN/OD 400

A small chamber with great possibilities

The Funke HS® Control Chamber DN/OD 400 makes private and public (adoptable) drainage easy, safe and economically efficient, and is easy to adjust to the local conditions. The chamber is fitted with a telescopic pipe and a telescopic collar, so it can be adjusted to suit different installation heights and load classes. HS® DN/OD 160 and 200 pipes can be connected to chamber base, which is available with straight-through or right, left or central channel design. The smooth surface and 1% gradient ensure clean drainage performance.

With the HS® Control Chamber DN/OD 400, Funke meets the requirements of many customers when looking for chambers in smaller diameters. These chambers are used as inspection openings and are perfectly suited for modern drain camera and cleaning technologies.

The advantages in practice:

  • Allows CCTV inspection and jetting in both directions
  • Easy height adjustment
  • VARIO Coupler for inlets and drains pre-fitted (adjustable: 0°–11°)
  • Cast iron covers available in load classes B 125 and D 400
  • Highly resistant to chemicals (pH 2–12)

Technical Data

Product name: HS® Control Chamber DN/OD 400
Nominal diameter: DN/OD 400
Nominal diameter connection: DN/OD 160 – 200
Sealing system: FE-sealing (firmly inserted)
Colour: RAL 8011 (brown)
Material: PVC-U (unplasticized)
Approval/Standard: EN 476
Installation guideline: EN 1610 / in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
Area of use:
  • Private drainage
  • Drainage and lateral drainage
Installation depth: Approximately 1.0 m – 3.0 m
Channel design:

DN/OD 160
Straight (180°)
RCL (Right/Centre/Left) (45°)

DN/OD 200
Straight (180°)
RCL (Right/Centre/Left) (60°)

DN/OD 250
Straight (180°)

Other channel shapes on request!

Installation depth:

Approx. 0.75 m – 1.20 m (Type 1)
can be achieved by shortening the telescopic pipe on site. Type 1= Version without riser pipe

Approx. 1.10 m – 3.00 m (Type 2)

Riser pipe length: Riser pipe length: 500 mm     
Installation depth from – to: 1100 mm – 1600 mm

Riser pipe length: 1000 mm  
Installation depth from – to: 1600 mm – 2100 mm

Riser pipe length: 1500 mm    
Installation depth from – to: 2100 mm – 2600 mm

Riser pipe length: 2000 mm   
Installation depth from – to: 2600 mm – 3100 mm

Special characteristics:
  • Can be used with telescopic pipe DN/OD 315 and integrated cast iron cover up to class D 400
  • Riser pipes in the nominal diamaters of DN/OD 400 are available in various lenghts
  • Resistance range: pH 2-12
  • Recyclable thanks to material purity
  • Vario socket up to DN/OD 200


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HS Control Chamber DN/OD 400 Project Questionnaire

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