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Funke ILA Internal Backdrop

For bridging height differences in the sewer system

The Funke ILA Internal Backdrop has been developed to bridge height differences in the sewer system. The standard version of the unit is available in the nominal diameters DN/OD 160, DN/OD 200 and DN/OD 250, and is available to fit DN 1000, 1200 and 1500 concrete chambers. The unit has an EPDM seal on the back to ensure a tight seal to the chamber wall.

The Funke ILA Internal Backdrop can be used for new chambers or be retrofitted in existing ones. The pipe is connected with a pipe section passed through the chamber wall. The wall transition can be made either with a pre-produced chamber lining or with an on-site ring space seal. An opening allows for easy inspection and access.

Thanks to the small space demands of the Funke ILA Internal Backdrop, the chamber remains accessible. However, the accessibility has to be checked on a case-by-case basis for inlets with a nominal diameter of 250mm or higher.

The advantages in practice:

  • minimal space requirements
  • quick and easy installation, minimal soil excavation
  • easy inspection and cleaning
  • can also be installed in existing systems (chamber structures)

Technical Data

Product name: Funke-ILA – Internal Backdrop
Material: PVC-U (unplasticized)
Colour: Grey
Installation guideline: According to the manufacturer’s instructions
Installation conditions: According to the manufacturer’s specifications
Scope of delivery:
  • Internal Backdrop with back EPDM seal, with pre-drilled holes for fastening on the chamber wall incl. three stainless steel screws and dowels.
  • Pipe clamp (stainless steel) with VA-hanger bolts and dowels in order to stabilize the vertical pipeline
  • Bend 45°
  • Installation Instructions
  • Reduction 250 / 200 (only for Funke-ILA 250)
Nominal diameters:

For chambers 1000

  • DN/OD 160 Code ILA1000160
  • DN/OD 200 Code ILA1000200
  • DN/OD 250 Code ILA1000250
  • DN/OD 315 Code ILA1000315200
  • DN/OD 400 Code ILA1000400200

For chambers 1200

  • DN/OD 160 Code ILA1200160
  • DN/OD 200 Code ILA1200200
  • DN/OD 250 Code ILA1200250
  • DN/OD 315 Code ILA1200315200
  • DN/OD 400 Code ILA1200400200

For chambers 1500

  • DN/OD 160 Code ILA1500160
  • DN/OD 200 Code ILA1500200
  • DN/OD 250 Code ILA1500250
  • DN/OD 315 Code ILA1500315200
  • DN/OD 400 Code ILA1500400200

Downpipe kit:

  • Downpipe kit 160 Code ILARS160
  • Downpipe kit 200 Code ILARS200
  • Downpipe kit 250 Code ILARS250
  • Downpipe kit 315 Code ILARS315
Special characteristics:
  • Space-saving installation
  • Non-restricted chamber accessibility
  • Can be used in both new and existing systems thanks to the minimal soil excavation required
  • Easy inspection and cleaning thanks to the opening
  • Internal installation more secure and easier to implement
  • Provides optimum corrosion protection


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Funke ILA Internal Backdrop Brochure

Funke ILA Internal Backdrop Installation Instructions

For more information or to purchase this product, please contact our Sales Office on 01722 717708 or our Technical Sales Manager, Dave Williams:

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