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Flushing Chamber DN 1000

A simple, reliable, automatic, low-maintenance method for flushing wastewater pipelines

Especially in the early years following installation of a wastewater pipe, deposits can form on the pipe bottom and a related odour nuisance can occur due to the sometimes low wastewater volume and the sometimes only low flow velocities. This is where the Funke Flushing Chamber DN 1000 comes in. The Flushing Chamber collects the complete precipitation quantities of the connection surface. As soon as a storage volume of approx. 450 litres of rainwater is reached, a simple mechanism is set in motion. The accumulated water quantity shoots into the sewer in a gush and thus cleans it without the use of external energy. This self-cleaning process is repeated about 70 times a year with an assumed average rainfall of approx. 700 litres / m² / year and a connected area of 50 m².

Reduce operating costs permanently

In this way, the Flushing Chamber helps water management companies to reduce their operating costs. Possible problems with critical points in the sewer – such as underbends due to ground subsidence or offsets – can also be significantly minimised by using the Funke Flushing Chamber.

The advantages in practice:

  •     Simple mechanism without external energy
  •     Saves operating costs
  •     Also retrofittable
  •     Gentle sewer rinsing
  •     Low weight

Technical Data

Product name: Funke Flushing Chamber DN 1000
Dimension: DN 1000, total height 1560 mm
Volume: From a storage capacity of approximately 450 litres the cleaning mechanism is triggered
Colour: Grey and blue
Material: uPVC
Installation guideline: According to the manufacturer’s instructions
Installation conditions:
  • Inlet DN/OD 160
  • Outlet DN/OD 200
  • RW-Inlet min. 700 mm below upper edge of channel
Area of use:
  • Flushing of sewer pipes
  • Connection as main chamber or as an extension with a 45°-junction.
  • Installed emergency overflow for functional malfunctions exceptional hydraulic performance
  • Cast-iron cover can be installed on-site
Special characteristics:
  • Easy mechanism without external energy
  • Saves operating costs
  • Can also be retrofitted
  • Gentle sewer flushing
  • Low weight
  • Emergency overflow installed


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