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HS Adhesive Saddle

Perfect for lateral connections to pipe liners

The Funke HS® Adhesive Saddle is a special solution to connect lateral pipes to lined sewer pipes (GRP or needle punched liners).

The HS® Adhesive Saddle is available in nominal diameters of DN/OD 160 and 200 and lined main pipes sized DN 200 to 600. Variants for larger diameter main pipes are available on request.

The integrated VARIO socket is adjustable from 0° to 11°.

Excavation of a construction trench is required. A work window matching the size of the curved saddle base plate must be cut into the wall of the existing pipe to expose the tube liner. Cutting into the liner must be avoided. The Saddle can then be glued onto the liner with the dual component adhesive. Use the special fixing clamp to hold the Adhesive Saddle in place until the adhesive has cured.

Extra benefit: The HS® Adhesive Saddle can compensate for slight unevenness or wrinkles of the liner.

The advantages in practice:

  • Simple and flexible use
  • No tension on connections (adjustable from 0° to 11°)
  • Good hydraulics
  • Highly resistant to chemicals

Technical Data

Product name: HS® Adhesive Saddle DN/OD 160/200 for liners
Nominal diameter lateral pipe: DN/OD 160 and 200
Nominal diameter main pipe: DN 200 – 600
Colour: RAL 8011 (brown)
Material: PVC-U (unplasticized)
Installation guideline: According to the manufacturer’s instructions
Area of use: Lateral connection onto pipe liner made from GRP or needle punched material
Special characteristics:
  • Resistance range: pH 2–12
  • Recyclable thanks to material purity
  • No disruption to pipe bedding during installation
  • No interruption to sewerage operations during installation
  • Special filling compound for fixing and sealing
  • Saddle clamp for professional installation
  • Adjustable socket (0°–11°)


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Adhesive Saddle Installation Guide

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