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Fabekun Junction

Creating tension-free sewer connections

The FABEKUN® Junction, with DN/OD 160 or DN/OD 200 socket adjustable from 0° to 13°, is designed for the tension-free connection of lateral pipes to concrete pipes, reinforced concrete pipes (EN 1916), or clay pipes, with a minimum wall thickness of 30mm.

Thanks to its three dimensional seals it adapts perfectly to the inner radius of the sewer pipe. The adjustable socket allows for the connection to swivel within a range from 0° to 13° and compensates for the different settlement behaviour of the main sewer pipe and the lateral pipe. Thus, the requirements of many national standards such as DWA-A 139 (Germany) are fulfilled.

The FABEKUN® Junction is available with a nominal diameter of DN/OD 160 for pipes from DN 250 up to DN 1800 (bore hole 200 mm ± 1 mm), and with a nominal diameter of DN/OD 200 for pipes from DN 400 up to DN 2400 (bore hole 257 mm ± 1 mm). Connections for greater wall thicknesses are also available. Moreover, the FABEKUN® Junction is available in the nominal diameter of DN/OD 200 for rectangular sections and chamber structures (flat walls).

WRc Approval for use in the UK

The FABEKUN® Junction is approved for use in the UK by WRc, Approval No. PT/436/0119.

The advantages in practice:

  • Tension-free lateral connection
  • Pipe bedding remains preserved during installation
  • No interruption to sewerage operations during installation
  • Protection of the entire bore hole
  • Resistant against shear loads during compaction
  • Steel reinforcement protected against corrosion

Technical Data

Product name: Fabekun® Junction
Nominal diameters connection: DN/OD 160 and 200
Nominal diameters main pipe: DN/OD 250 – 2400
Colour: RAL 8023 (red-brown)
Material: PVC-U (un plasticised)
  • DIBt Z.-42.1-306
  • WRc PT/436/0119
Installation guideline: According to the manufacturer’s instructions
Area of use:
  • Lateral connection to inner and outer smooth walled pipes with a walll thickness > 30 mm
  • Foul sewer pipelines
  • Combined sewer pipelines
  • Storm sewer pipelines
  • Traffic route construction
  • Drainage and lateral drainage
Special characteristics:
  • Adjustable from 0° to13° (in accordance with the requirements of the DWA-A 139, Germany)
  • Tension-free lateral connection
  • Resistance range: pH 2-12
  • Recyclable thanks to material purity
  • Pipe bedding remains preserved during installation
  • No interruption to sewerage operations during installation




Fabekun Brochure

Fabekun Installation Guide

WRc Approval Certificate - Fabekun Junction

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