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Connex Pipe System

The alternative in the sewage sector

The CONNEX Sewer Pipe System DN/OD 315 – 800 (SDR 34, SN 8) comes with a complete range of fittings offering utility companies, developers and contractors a real alternative to traditional materials in the sewage sector. With installation depths of 0.8 to 6.0 m and the installation pursuant to EN 1610, traffic loads of up to SLW 60 (HA20) are possible.

The Connex Sewer Pipes are equipped with the permanently integrated two component CI® seal system. The CI® seal is firmly integrated into the pipe socket; it cannot be dislodged and therefore it cannot be forgotten or pressed out when joining pipes together. Even with an angled connection of up to 3° the push fit connection is permanently tight.

The advantages in practice:

  • Complete range; pipes and fittings SDR 34
  • Custom-made fittings available
  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Ring stiffness minimum 8 kN/m² (SN 8)
  • Root-proof pipe connection
  • For use in water protection zones II/III according to ATV-DVWK-A 142 (Germany)
  • Recyclable thanks to material purity

Technical Data

Product name: CONNEX Sewer Pipe System
Nominal diameter: DN/OD 315 – 800
SN-Class: SN 8
SDR-Class: SDR 34
pipes and fittings
Pipe length: 1.5 m / 3.0 m / 6.0 m including socket
Sealing system: CI® seal (firmly inserted)
Colour: RAL 7037 (grey)
Material: PVC-U (unplasticized)
  • DIBt Z.-42.1-378
  • Ü-MPA NRW (Germany)
  • IKT high pressure flushing test PA 0623

Further country-specific standards are available

Installation guideline: EN 1610
According to the manufacturer’s instructions
Area of use:
  • Foul sewer pipelines
  • Combined sewer pipelines
  • Rainwater pipelines
  • Traffic route construction
  • Storage sewer
  • Ventilation ducts
Installation conditions: 0.8 m – 6.0 m / heavy-load traffic areas – SLW60 (HA20)
  • Complete range of fittings
  • Connex Junction (see Sewer Connections)
Special characteristics:
  • Test pressure up to 2.5 bar hydrostatic pressure
  • Wall-reinforced pipes and fittings (SDR 34)
  • Root-proof pipe connections
  • Resistance range: pH 2-12
  • Recyclable thanks to material purity
  • Average lifetime 50-80 (100) years
  • Custom-made fittings available





Static Calculation Questionnaire

WRc Approval Certificate - Connex Junction

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